2013年公司在美国硅谷设立America Gosvea Education Service Inc.,负责公司在美国的国际教育投资业务,王云董事长亲自出任董事长,全面启动公司的国际教育业务。2015年10月,GOSVEA投资的美国圣何塞大学 (University of San Jose)第一校区在硅谷首府圣何塞(San Jose)正式启动,标志着公司的国际教育业务全面启动!
America Gosvea Education Service
Gosvea’s main business type: 1) To establish a university (University of San Jose) containing both Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree in the US, and build the multi-campus education service system (including China and India); 2) To establish a human resource service outsourcing company, and provide software development service outsourcing; 3) To set up an educational finance company, and provide financial assistance to students; 4) To design and develop a creative-course system with independent intellectual property rights, and promote in China and India.
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USJ, University of San Jose (USJUS)

USJ, University of San Jose (USJUS) is located at San Jose of Silicon Valley, the hub and origin of worldwide high technology. It aims to establish undergraduate and graduate schools with characteristics unique to Silicon Valley.

Freedom, Truth and Service.

Through the combination of general education and professional training, USJ promotes comprehensive growth in education, professionalism and entrepreneurship. It emphasizes the mutual interaction between professional education/research and corporate services, aiming to establish a modern creativity-oriented comprehensive university. 
USJ emphasizes international collaboration, advocates inclusion and tolerance. It strives to develop students’ independent qualities and free spirits, and encourage them to serve the world as their duty, and advance human civilization as their ultimate goal. 
Following the modern innovative development model, USJ will take an earnest effort to consolidate resources, recruit and train its faculty, collaborate with enterprises in a flexible fashion, and ultimately establish a multi-campus comprehensive university with various disciplines. 
USJ will adopt the modern educational financial service system. It will take the advantage of Silicon Valley's unique environment of human, financial, technological and cultural resources, providing various financial assistance services (FAS) to students coming from all over the world, and ensuring equal opportunities for talented students regardless of their financial backgrounds. 
USJ will establish a Human-Resource-Outsourcing (HRO) oriented employment service system. Based on the strength of human resource it currently has, it will extend more complete career services to students. 
USJ will establish Information Technology Outsourcing (ITO) platform to help outstanding students realize the dream of starting up their own businesses. 
USJ advocates the pursuit of truth, the love of freedom, the service for the human, and the prosperity and development of the whole society. 
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Address: 1631 North First Street, San Jose, Ca 95112